General Gordon - the story of one of Britain's deadest military heroes.

  1. Eleven alarming tales of magnetism and murder, of ghosts and geese. Stories of thrilling adventure across all of time, and of gruelling unadventure, the tedious and dismaying world we all call home.

    Cower, distressed from science and truth! Beware the best exorcism of John Major, and regard with pity or with cruelty the fates of Master Smith, of the Security Bathroom, and of the bird that spoiled history. Take all your teeth to the dentist of lost Atlantis, and gaze upon the Planet Time where time does not exist. And fear the Fez, that most potent of hats, the wearable trap that none can resist.

    Have you ever wondered whose ghost lives at the centre of the Earth? Have you ever asked yourself who invented plumbing, and why they are not celebrated as a beautiful hero? Have you, at any point in your professional life, connected or disconnected a volcano? Do not resist these eleven stories of international adventure and horrific comedy, of bitter and sentimental tragedy. They will answer all of these questions, leaving you permanently content, or at least sad, excited and confused.