Hello! The most recent, and best, of my music can be found on Bandcamp, for the low, low price of 0. There are selected bits and pieces over on Soundcloud, but this page contains a few other items from the archive.


General Gordon

The above albums can be found at my Bandcamp account. 'Time and Relative Digressions on Cheese' is a double-concept concept-album simultaneously regarding Doctor Who and cheese, and incorporating both into every song. 'Kibrothhattaavah' is a celebration of 400 years of the King James Bible. 'General Gordon' is currently without expectation, and belongs in the future.


Working Christmas Day

  1. Working Christmas Day, a series of Christmas songs from 2006-2014.
  2. Jobless Christmas, a cry for help
  3. Working Christmas Day, a song for the holiday season
  4. 19-17-0-0, a number song by Celestial Salsoul
  5. The Last Christmas, an apocalyptic love-song
  6. Christmas Cow, an imal
  7. The Carrot and Tree Christmas Surprise, a nightmare of disease
  8. Christmas on the Moon, a quiet age
  9. J. Edgar Hoover Said, a Christmas crime

Hey Little Tomboy

  1. Hey Little Tomboy (2008), my Beach Boys tribute album
  2. Kokomo - this link will take you off-site to Soundcloud.
  3. Hey, Little Tomboy!
  4. Mona
  5. Here Comes the Night!
  6. Johnny Carson
  7. My Diane
  8. Tears! In the Morning!
  9. Leavin' This Town
  10. Good Time!
  11. I Want to Pick You Up

Ben Sings

  1. Ben Sings (2007), my first attempt at an album
  2. Superieur
  3. Never Be Seen
  4. The Men in Blue Blues
  5. Song for Bretton Hall
  6. The Mr Woofleton Surprise
  7. The Sound of Man
  8. Pancake Dirge
  9. Uranian Embassy
  10. The Jewel in the Crown
  11. Boat-Train!