Hello! You'll find all the videos on my channel on Youtube, or on that of Glang Films, for whom I often operate cameras, or Transformers, the Scripture Union holiday, for whom I co-ordinate the video activity.

Music Videos

I make music, and make videos - so I've often made music videos. The above selection is the cream of the crop, and friends.

Glang Films

Sam and Sean investigate ManchesterSam and Sean investigate The Edinburgh Fringe

I frequently point cameras and suggest ideas for Glang Films, a small video unit in Sheffield, operated by Sean Morley and Sam Nicoresti.

SU Transformers

HORSET: Chronicle of HorseThe Shoe that FlewThe Safari Without Animals

I help to run a Scripture Union holiday-camp for 14-18 year olds. It's held every August down in Dorset, and I co-ordinate the video activity. These are a few choice examples of the young people's videos.